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MFNP Juicebox Tribune.jpg
Lenny Zieben is a genius in the Adam Sandler/Andy Kaufman school
— Minneapolis Star Tribune
Music For New People did a wonderful job at our child’s birthday party and my family really enjoyed the music.
— Suzanne B.
One of the joys and/or penances of having kids is that about the time they are 4-ish they’ll want to put on shows for you. Once it is done, you clap and say how proud you are. It is endearing because it is your own kid. However, you wouldn’t intentionally pay money to sit through other people’s children doing that. But, that’s what you’re doing when you attend this show. Except (Lenny Zieben) is not four years old.
— Minneapolis City Pages
Sports red slacks and Roberto Benigni’s smile and grooves to a midi drum machine wildly around the stage like Cosmo Kramer.
— NewCity Chicago